Wednesday, February 4, 2015

JAN 2015 LSM Photo Share

ATOLL, Shela, and Roger
Ariel Jaudines @ Spirit Mountain
 Double Dub checking in ...

Happy New Year Folks! The January split weekend LSM has come and gone. I wanted to share some of the happenings in the Community. Also To dedicate this month's rides in honor of a dear friend, ATOLL, Roger Wildermuth's dog and riding buddy.
Yes, It's Winter and we have snow! Which means one thing, The SKKI's are back in play! Along with Ariel, the boys of Wisconsin were at Tyrol and Bruce was SKKIing in Michigan.

Chad @ LSU Lakes

Jerry Ka, Trikke HKG riding on the Metro

John Goolevitch @ Maple Ridge, B.C.
 Along with the usual suspects, you'll notice that not everyone in the snow was SKKIing. Two Very Passionate (about Trikke) Ladies were out carving  ... and one was on polys! Awesome, right?!
Judy Brandt Yes, in the snow! ... on polys

Kinson Kwok, Trikke HKG, Hong Kong

Nature Carvers @ Shark Valley Everglades National Park.

Nature Carvers in Florida (near a fountain :) )

Shela & Roger in the Emerald Coast

February is also a Spilt Weekend, Last Sunday is February 22 and the Last Saturday is on the 28th

Sally and Douglass Weymouth - SCAT

SCAT @ the North Harbor

Sharon Lee & Mary O'Neil

So Cal Carvers @ Dockweiler State Beach

Susan Cnett @ a "cold" School Parking Lot

Not sure if you're all aware of our Endomondo Trikke Community's Carving Challenge Camaraderie 2015, which started at the start of the year. It's meant for us to share our Passion for carving! and Fun! It's not a competition! We share our mileage goals and try to cheer each other on as we carve throughout the year. With this, another Trikke Community Challenge was started called "Northern Trikkers". It's basically the same but more for those in snowy States. If you're not into tracking your rides, I hope you'll still share your ride experiences with us.

Carve the Day! Thug every Moment!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

November 2014 LSM Photo Share

 Double Dub checking in...

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for sticking with me. This is the last month for our "It's All about the LSM" Photo Share Give-A-Way. This is also the last contest I'll be holding for the LSM Movement
Juan Ortega, So Cal Carvers
Kinson Kwok, Trikke HKG (1)
 (at least for awhile). It's been a pleasure and honor to be teamed up with SouthBay Trikke (Irene,  Sean, and of course, Trikke Andy) It's also been a blast to share with all of you, The Movement! I can't say it enough, to build a community requires participation. This has only been possible because of you and your passion we call Trikke. Don't believe me? Think back to July. When the community, inspired by the creativity from Elise Bennett of Trikke Universe and Douglass Weymouth's generousity, "Stepped  Up" and decided to pop  up donations for the "Trikkes for Kkids" fundraiser. Benefiting Special Needs Kkids in the Las Vegas area, Shannon and Kenny Houston of Vegas Valley Trikke and their team had developed very special programs using Trikkes.  Well, this event brought everyone together. Participation came from Trikke Tech, Trikke Academy, SouthBay Trikke, and a lot of Trikkers (Thank You!)
David S(2), Mary C(3), Rich G(4), Liz L(5)
John G (6)
 As we close our third year of the Movement, Thank you for sharing and participating in your local LSM. Also a heart felt shout to the travelers who are seeking out locations away from home and to their hosts for sharing their trails and rides with the carving community.

Vonnie (7), Tom (8), Humberto (9), Phil (10), Rhea (11)

Roddy (12), Shelly (13), Rick (14), Kris (15), and Erik (16).

Larry M, Edg D, Ron P.

VVT, Kenny H, Shannon H.

Chad (17), Ronnie (18)

Cheryl Shelton (19)

Susan C (20), DH (21), Megan (22)

Sharon (23), Mary (24)

So Cal Carvers (25 - 41)

Jim (42), David (43), Kimberly (44)

Double Dub

Saturday, November 15, 2014

October 2014 LSM Photo Share

Double Dub checking in ...

Sorry for the layout. I tried to fix this but with the addition of pictures and sizing, It proved to be too difficult for me to handle. Some updated news as well, November will be the last month of our "It's All about the LSM" photo share giveaway. It's been fun and I appreciate every one's participation, Thank You!
Here are our entries for October. Good Luck.
1. Ariel Jaudines, Duluth, MN

2. Kimberly & 3. Jim, Ark Carvers
1. Ariel J., Duluth, MN
Brion Bastian of Cincinnati, Ohio (nid)
 Mary Black rail trail, Spartanburg South Carolina, 7.5 miles, 
2. Kimberly M, Ark Carvers
3. Jim M. Ark Carvers
4. Chad G.,
5. Tim,
6. Liz,
4. Chad G., 5. Tim, & 6. Liz
7. Roger W., Emerald Coast Trikkers
8. John G., Surrey, B.C.
9. Jamie M., Nor-Bath Rail
10. Mary C., Carport in California
11. Bill G., Carport in California
12. Judy B., Owatonna, MN
13. Brian K., Owatonna, MN
14. Janet E., Owatonna, MN
15. Glenice S., Owatonna, MN
Cheryl Shelton, somewhere in Utah (nid)
Solo, 8.4 miles ... no, not on the water
16. Nature Carver #1
17. Nature Carver #2
18. Nature Carver #3
19. Nature Carver #4
20. Nature Carver #5
21. Kim, NE Texas Trikkers
22. Roger, NE Texas Trikkers
23. Doug, NE Texas Trikkers
24. Roddy, Phoenix Trikke Riders
25. Rick O., Phoenix Trikke Riders
26. Shelly, Phoenix Trikke Riders
27. Rick S., Phoenix Trikke Riders
28. Wendela, Phoenix Trikke Riders
29. Sally W., SCAT
30. Douglass W., SCAT
31. Christine S., First Coast Trikkes
32. Sharon L., First Coast Trikkes

7. "Zombie" R. Wildermuth, lost on the AFB

9. Jamie M., um, over the hills
and through the woods

8. John G., Wet Tynehead Regional
Surrey, B.C., Canada

(8) um, in the Parking lot

 Laura & Larry, Trikke date LSM (nid)
 little Tivoli Island in Watertown, Wis

10. Mary & 11. Bill
um, car port (?) in So Cal

12. Judy B., 13. Brian K., 14. Janet E., & 15. Glenice S.
at Moorehouse Park in Owatonna, MN

16. - 20. Nature Carvers #1-5
at Holiday Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

21. Kim, 22. Roger, & 23. Doug
NE Texas Trikkers

 24. Roddy, 25. Rick O.,26. Shelly, 27. Rick S., & 28. Wendela.
Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ

29. Sally & 30. Douglass Weymouth
Santa Cruz Area Trikkers

31. Christine S. & 32. Sharon L.
Central N.Y. (like the sign says)

Tandem Riders, Trikke HKG (nid)

Shadow Play from Jerry KA (nid)

Kinson Kwok (nid)
Trikke HKG

(not in draw)

Vegas Valley Trikke (nid)
North LV, Upper Wash Trail

(not in draw)